Explore the North East coastline like never before

Swim, jump, climb and scramble on an unbelievable coasteering adventure with our experienced local instructors. Get out of the city for a day and head over to the coast (it's just half an hour's drive from Newcastle). You'll make memories that will last a life time!


£60 per person

Join us on this invigorating adventure activity as you discover the many coves, cliffs and sandy beaches of the North East coastline.

The North East coast is famed for its long stretches of sandy beaches and craggy outcrops. That makes it the perfect location for a coasteering adventure!

Cliff jumps, cave exploration, and cove discovery make this a truly exciting activity that's suitable for all levels of adventurer. We've got the perfect location for it too: Marsden Beach is a hidden gem in South Shields with beautiful beaches and imposing rock formations. Not only will your North East coasteering activity be exciting and full of adrenaline, it'll be in a stunning location, too!

Join our team of enthusiastic and experienced outdoor instructors as they lead you on an adventure like never before.

Useful Info
  • Location: Marsden, South Shields or Howick, Northumberland
  • Approximately half an hour's drive from Newcastle
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Minimum group size: 2
  • Maximum group size: 20
  • You will need laced shoes, towel, shorts and bathing costume
  • Wetsuits and all the best safety equipment included
  • Price: £60 per person (group discounts may apply)
  • Length of activity: We advise allowing at least 3 hours for your experience